The next page of this Website features Sho-mei’s four CDs.  One CD features two very rare and obscure Violin Concerti  by Haydn and Arensky, performed by Sho-mei as Violin Solo-ist with Orchestra.  The 2nd CD features Sho-mei playing with The New Arensky Piano Trio in works by Chausson, Arensky, and Ravel. The third CD features Bartok’s 1st String Quartet, a rarely performed beautiful and romantic work of art. The original Arensky Piano Trio was formed in 1968 by three outstanding musicians and friends, Dr. Harold Kafer, Mr. Leonard Cheatham, and Sho-mei Pelletier.  All 3 CDs are recorded “Live”. When sampling the three CDs, wait until the “Grey” line, next to the round button, is filled in under the 1st CD. Then, the 2nd CD will be ready for sampling, etc.


The Original Arensky Piano Trio

The Original Euphonium Trio